About Us
Midmark is a proud supplier of medical equipment for Clinic In A Can®. We have over 100 years of manufacturing expertise and are industry experts in the delivery of efficient and effective patient care.

Offering full lines of exam and procedures tables, as well as workstations, casework, instrument processing, digital diagnostic solutions and more, Midmark is focused on continuously improving physician workflows and enhancing patient-caregiver interaction. Our teammates are dedicated to redefining the future of the clinical space and making a positive difference in the practice of healthcare.

  • Clean and Secure

    Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, Clinic In A Can® containers offer an isolated, aseptic treatment space— promoting safe patient care where it’s needed most.
  • Customizable

    From critical care to exams, Clinic In A Can® will help design and create a clinic that addresses your specific needs.
  • Functional

    Ample thought goes into the workflow of each Clinic In A Can® container. Each space is optimized to provide caregivers the tools they need within reach.
  • Accessible

    Clinic In A Can® containers are confined and portable allowing them to serve some of the most austere settings internationally, as well as difficult to reach disaster zones.
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The Equipment
Standard Midmark equipment used in Clinic In A Can® containers consists of exam tables, stools, lights, cabinetry, computer stands, diagnostics, sterilizers and other customizable options. The integrity of our equipment is unparalleled and is designed to last a lifetime, making us the equipment supplier of choice for Clinic In A Can®.

Manufactured and/or distributed by
Midmark Corporation, Versailles, OH