Midmark Extends Product Promotions into 2017

Dayton, OH

Offering special pricing and rebates on essential dental equipment solutions

DAYTON, Ohio, Jan. 5, 2017 — Midmark has announced the extension of two major promotions, allowing dental professionals to take advantage of special pricing and rebates on essential equipment solutions into 2017.

The Midmark Imaging promotion has been extended through March 31, 2017. Midmark Imaging products are designed with features to improve the way dental practices work. The Midmark Imaging promotion offers rebates for eligible imaging equipment such as the Progeny Vantage® Digital Panoramic System (with or without the Cephalometric System) and the Preva X-ray systems. In addition, special pricing is being offered on the ClearVision® Digital Sensor System and ClearVision Digital Dental Radiography Reader.

For each Progeny Vantage Digital Panoramic System purchased during the promotion, an additional one-year warranty will be added (for a total of three years).

Visit midmark.com/imaging2017 for further details about specific products and promotion dates.

The Midmark Game Changer Operatory Promotion has been extended through June 30, 2017. Dentists and dental facilities have the continued opportunity to receive significant savings on select operatory packages. During the promotion, the following products are eligible when purchased as packages through an authorized Midmark Dental dealer:

• UltraTrim® or UltraComfort® Chair when purchased with a delivery system
• Asepsis 21® Delivery System when purchased with an UltraTrim or UltraComfort Chair
• Halogen Light when purchased with an UltraTrim or UltraComfort Chair and a delivery system
• Dentist or Assistant Stool when purchased with an UltraTrim or UltraComfort Chair and a delivery system.

Further details are available at midmark.com/gamechanger.

All purchases made through the promotions may qualify buyers for additional rebates through the Midmark PLUS program. Visit midmark.com/plus to learn more about the Midmark PLUS program.

For product inquiries, please call the Midmark Dental Customer Experience Department at 1-800-MIDMARK ext. 108923 or visit midmark.com. For questions regarding any of the promotions, please contact ext. 107575.

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Susan Kaiser
Media and Communications Manager
Midmark Corporation
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