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Midmark has a corporate culture like no other in the markets we serve. 
As we continue to grow with each year and throughout each generation, 
we will remain committed to our customers, our teammates, our community 
and to efficient patient care.

Our customers recognize us as leaders in the industry.

Expertise is a key element in creating efficient patient care. We need to have a deep understanding of and commitment to providing our customers and their patients with a caring environment. As experts, we strive to learn and improve each day. We know that our knowledge is never complete, therefore we have a willingness to learn, and an openness to trying something new. Because we care about our customers and teammates, our expertise is not something we keep to ourselves; it is something we share across lines of business, across departments and across facilities

We link ingenuity to action.

We anticipate change, especially changes in the needs and wants of our customers. We must also help create change in order to be totally effective - as we say in our brand promise, "delivering solutions to problems they did not even know they had." Of course, this means developing these types of products, services and technologies, but it also means finding new and better ways to interact with, and help, our customers and our colleagues.

We are dedicated to our customers, our teammates, our families and our communities.

At Midmark, we actively listen to these most important stakeholders, so that we can serve as advocates for them. Being genuine also means a commitment to fostering open, honest and direct communication. We are also humble in our dealings with others, remembering that our tradition of excellence is grounded in the hard work of those before us, and in our company's strong heritage of quality, value and reliability.

We are a trusted partner.

In our market, trust is earned. Each of us has a responsibility to help develop that bond of trust with our partners - our dealers; the people who use our products, the healthcare providers and their patients; our teammates; our business partners and suppliers; and within each of the communities that we serve. We honor our commitments, thus building and enforcing this trust-based relationship.

Midmark will be the global leader providing products and services for healthcare providers integrating value-added technology for efficient and effective patient care. We will do this because we passionately want to make a positive difference in the practice of healthcare and in every life we touch.

We passionately want to make a positive difference in the practice of healthcare and in every life we touch.

Integrity Before All
The cornerstone of our existence

Listening, responding and creating innovative solutions to make a positive difference in the lives we touch

People Development/Learning Environment
You will grow with Midmark

Engaged and Healthy Teammates and Families
A culture where we share responsibility for our success and support healthy lifestyles for teammates and families

Unwavering Courage
The conviction to challenge the status quo, take risks, and persevere

An experience you will remember…the Midmark Experience.

The Midmark culture is a large part of what sets Midmark apart from the rest. Because we care is not a slogan or a tagline, it’s how we choose to live, and it radiates from everything we do. We want to share our culture with you – we want you to experience the Midmark Because we care difference.

Come see what we can do for you…we look forward to it!

Midmark’s Ohio headquarters is like home away from home. Riverwatch, our private lodge and corporate conference center, is nestled near the Stillwater River among the woods and farmlands of West Central Ohio. Here, we provide ongoing education and training for customers and teammates, along with lodging, recreation and meeting facilities.

While you’re visiting Midmark’s Ohio headquarters, you can learn about our various product lines and how our products look and function together in a hands-on learning environment at our Education Center.

If country living isn’t for you, stay at The Inn at Versailles while you’re visiting. The Inn’s beguiling mix of imposing architecture, intriguing works of art and its warm, embracing décor is simply unforgettable. Once settled into your room, come discover the culinary delights from the cucina of Michael Anthony’s at The Inn. Chef Michael Delligatta’s enticing menus can only hint at the superb, unforgettable cuisine available.

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Want to relax and take in some of the striking countryside? Play golf at the scenic Stillwater Valley Golf Club where you can enjoy 18 relaxing holes of golf, as well as the atmosphere of the café and banquet facility.

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