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The Preva 2.0 has all for the features of the Preva DC; ready with cabling in the arm and a high speed USB connector at the elbow to add the ClearVision® Digital Sensor when your clinic is ready to go digital. Preva 2.0 improves your workflow with X-rays ready for ClearVision® Sensor in each operatory.

  • Adjustable kV, mA and time
  • 0.4 focal spot
  • Large, easy to understand icons
  • 30 pre-programmed techniques
  • Preset techniques for specific sensor systems or phosphor plates
  • Dual arm braking system results in drift-free positioning
  • Available in 56", 66", 72" and 82"* reach as well as Mobile system

*Available exclusively with two stud mount


Below are accessories for Preva 2.0 Intraoral X-ray with images currently unavailable. Use the link to see accessories with images available.

  • Doorbell Exposure Station
  • Metal Stud Mount
  • 4 x 4 Pass-Through Kit
  • 12" Cone
  • 12" Rectangular Cone




Not Applicable


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