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Because we value the health of our teammates and their families.
At Midmark, we believe it is important to share the responsibility for engaged and healthy teammates and families. In fact, we have made it one of our core values. In our efforts to foster a culture of health and well-being, Midmark maintains a wellness committee made up of teammates from various departments within the company. We provide on-site health evaluations; individualized health goals; on-site and on-line education, informational resources, and an on-site wellness center for primary, preventative and occupational care. We are proud that Midmark has been named one of the “Healthiest Companies in America” each year since 2007.
Because we want to make a positive difference in every life we touch.
At Midmark, we believe that all people deserve accessible, quality healthcare and are committed to doing our part to make this happen. 

We support organizations dedicated to providing healthcare to developing countries by donating medical and dental equipment through corporate sponsorships and product promotions. 

Midmark teammates have participated in the installation at a dental school facilitated by Miracle Corners of the World (MCW), re-equipping the only dental school in the Republic of Tanzania, located in Eastern Africa, creating a regional center of excellence for oral health education at the Muhimbili University. 

Midmark also creates donation programs through product promotions whereby customers can donate their used equipment. Together, with our customers, we have been able to partner with organizations like Direct Relief International® to donate more than 3,000 sterilizers and 6,000 exam tables to more than 71 medical facilities in 35 countries. We are humbled by the opportunity to be able to aid those in need around the world.
There are a number of sustainability initiatives underway at Midmark. With facilities both domestically and internationally, we strive to meet or exceed environmental requirements in both the development of new products and services, as well as our manufacturing operations. 

Because we can help our customers make a difference.
With each new generation of Midmark products, we continue to improve their environmental footprint. Reducing the use of toxic materials, increasing energy efficiency, maximizing the lifespan of our products, and promoting safer and healthier healthcare facilities are ways that Midmark can make a difference. 

Because we desire conservation of resources and a sustainable environment.
As a global provider of healthcare products & services, Midmark has a responsibility to wisely manage the resources used in our facilities. Our lean manufacturing practices improve efficiency and reduce waste throughout the manufacturing process. From switching to energy efficiency lighting in plants, to recycling scrap metals, to improving efficiency of our finishing and powder coating systems, we are committed to continuous improvement.

For example, we recently reduced the disposable packaging on our 270 series stool products. As a result of this effort, we annually eliminated 19 tons of waste that would have gone to landfills, a reduction of 84% in landfill space. Over 98% of 270 stool packaging is now recyclable. And, we more than doubled the quantity of stools that can be loaded on a truck for delivery; fewer trucks helps us reduce our carbon footprint. Through projects like this, Midmark can make progress toward lowering our impact on the environment, and being wise stewards of our planet’s resources.
Midmark Giving Mission Statement
We will focus our
efforts toward quality healthcare and educational needs within our business
communities and corporate sponsorship through:

Corporate Donations (monetary and volunteerism)
Product Donations

Community Giving
We will strive to offer our business
communities the opportunity to share their requests with our employee-based
giving committees. Requests for funds or volunteers may be submitted online.
Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Product Assistance
For product donations, we will focus
on partnerships with qualified 501(c)3 organizations that assist with healthcare
in developing countries regardless of race, creed or religion. Any donation will
not be shipped overseas from Midmark, but we will require verification that the
product(s) reached the destination per the grant request.
We only fund organizations with 501(c)3
status (an IRS determination letter verifying that status is required with each
We do not fund capital projects, fundraising events, general operating
support, individuals, political activity lobbyists, program endowments or
private foundations.

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