Dr. Jeff and Pat Carter

Meet the leaders

Each with more than 35 years of dental and design experience, Pat and Dr. Jeff Carter have led more than 250 dental seminars to help dentists improve their practices— and ultimately their patients’ experiences.


Jeff Carter, DDS

A graduate of the University of Colorado School of Dentistry, Dr. Carter has practiced dentistry for 13 years as an associate, solo-practitioner, owner of his own practice, and member of a larger group practice until 1997. He was a former consultant for equipment and technology for T.H.E. Design and has published numerous articles on office design and technology integration. In 2002, Pat and Jeff formed PDG (Practice Design Group) in response to dentists seeking a more collaborative and innovative design resource than was available through traditional channels.

Pat Carter, IIDA

A licensed interior designer and is the former Vice President of T.H.E. Design Inc., Pat has written numerous articles on dental office design and is a frequent speaker at many national and state dental meetings. Since 1979, Pat has been involved in the design and construction of over 2,000 dental facilities, including 14 national design winners. Pat is considered a leading expert on the delivery of design services for projects of all types and is a NCIDQ licensed and registered interior designer.


Design Expertise and Real-world Experience

Fluent in the functional and aesthetic challenges of a dental practice, the Carters provide a unique, thorough and experienced approach that helps you understand and address specific concerns you may have about your dental practice facility.


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