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Where many lights are an afterthought of old technology, the Midmark Dental LED Operatory Light, with its advanced lighting design, pushes LED lighting quality to the edge.

  • Delivers the true, reduced shadow white light you need to properly identify shades, see details and diagnose tissue
  • Energy Efficiency: 22 watts power consumption, 50% less than the leading dental LED light
  • True composite safe setting: Midmark uses filters to remove the 470nm blue light known to cure composites. Other companies mix colors or add coatings but don’t truly filter out the light frequency responsible for composite curing.
  • Bright White Light: 27,000, 21,000 and 15,000 Lux
  • Soft Edge: Midmark’s LED maintains a soft or feathered edge to reduce the eye strain associated with sharp differences in contrast.
  • Quiet operation: Efficient design eliminates the need for noisy cooling fans.
  • The ergonomic 3 axis design offers complete control, with pull, tilt and twist options, as well as easy access to the touchpad.
  • Touchpad control offers three intensity adjustments as well as a composite safe setting to prevent premature curing
  • Automatic motion controlled on/off function can be set on the touchpad with the simple touch of a button
  • Easily retrofit most Midmark packages


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  • Operate Mode Color Temperature: 5700 Kelvin
  • Operate Mode Intensity: 1400, 1950, 2500 Foot Candles
  • 15000, 21000, 27000 Lux
  • Composite Mode Color Temperature: 4000 Kelvin
  • Composite Mode Intensity: 2100 Foot Candles; 22000 Lux
  • Pattern Size: 3.3" x 7.5"

Available in the following mounting configurations:

  • Midmark Elevance or Ultra LR
  • Midmark Elevance or Ultra Console
  • Track Light or Track Light with Monitor
  • Ceiling, Cabinet or Universal

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