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The learning environment is evolving at an unprecedented rate—and to keep up, you must have the latest solutions. Students seek universities with cutting edge technology that offer them new, interactive ways to learn. SmartSim™ from Midmark does that and more.


Innovation & Design

Elevate the dental education experience with this modern, multi-purpose design that brings workspace and practice space together.

Functionality & Form

Versatile for all students, featuring pneumatic-locking, double-articulating mannequin and left/right adaptability.

Space Optimization

Optimizes space in the classroom by offering multiple, compact configurations. When not in use, the mannequin easily tucks away under the work surface.

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Proven Success

Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, integrated SmartSim™ into its classroom and received a prestigious spot in American School & University’s 2016 Educational Interiors Showcase. Nova features their state-of-the-art simlab in their recruiting materials to show potential students that they invest in the best education technology that will prepare their soon-to-be dentists for the future.

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