• Expertise

    As healthcare evolves, it brings with it a unique set of challenges. At Midmark, we know that managing diverse patient volumes and needs can be tough. We can help you find a specialized solution designed to address changing needs while controlling costs and maintaining a high level of patient care.

    Whether you’re facing the integration of new technology, incorporating leaner workflows or trying to manage the increase of in-office procedures, we can help.

  • Medical Function & Design

    Clinical work is highly specialized, and at times hectic. Caregivers need a space that is designed to accommodate the rigors of their daily routine.

    Create a space that will function the way you need it and be durable enough to meet your needs both today and tomorrow with a medical casework line specifically designed to maximize your space, have the available options you need to meet workflow requirements and compliance regulations, be flexible enough to grow as needs change and complement your infection control protocol.

  • Styling

    Create a consistent brand perception across one or multiple facilities using the multitude of styling options available with the Synthesis® Casework Collection by Midmark. From woodgrains, to neutral solids and shimmering metallics, discover a finish and panel style to complement your tastes. Plus, with multiple handle and countertop options each with a distinct shape, it’s easy to incorporate a signature style on any clinical space.
  • Casework Options

    The Synthesis® Casework Collection by Midmark is designed with a host of options and accessories to help you build the highly-functional space you need with the design you desire. With a range of countertop, cabinetry and accessory options available, you can finally customize a space to meet your specific needs and style.
  • Longevity

    Unlike common wood casework, the Synthesis® Casework Collection by Midmark is built to withstand the rigors of a demanding medical environment. From seamless polystyrene drawers, to Toggle-Loc® no-weld seams and a solid steel base structure, every detail is deliberately designed to excel and function highly in the clinical space.
  • Flexibility

    Healthcare changes, practices grow and move – oftentimes you must choose between flexibility and style.  The Synthesis® Casework Collection by Midmark is designed to provide maximum flexibility that is easily and quickly reconfigurable both inside and out. Multiple component, storage and style options allow you to craft a workspace that not only meets the demands of today, but easily updates for the changes of tomorrow.
  • Space Optimization

    The Synthesis® Casework Collection by Midmark is designed inside and out to optimize of the clinical workspace and provide improved access to supplies. From optional 18-inch deep base cabinets and mobile treatment carts to full extension slides and dividers, every detail is deliberately designed for optimum functionality.

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