Introducing the NEW Midmark Clinical Training Videos. A highly skilled staff is your greatest asset; enhancing their training with these clear and easy-to-follow training videos is rewarding for your clinicians, for you and your patients. The Midmark clinical training videos for IQecg™, IQholter™ and IQspiro™ are designed to provide real-time, step-by-step instruction for best practices from set-up to proper patient preparation to performing the test and interpretation. All three videos are chaptered for easy viewing and reviewing of specific sections. You can experience further flexibility in your training schedule by taking advantage of our offer for you to download these videos directly to your PC at no charge. Your access to these training tools is available to you immediately, 24 hours a day.

Midmark IQecg™

Midmark IQecg

The Midmark IQecg makes your job easier with a range of reviewing and editing tools to help increase productivity and efficiency. At the touch of a button, you can capture an abnormal ECG as it appears on screen, enhance the diagnosis with tools like zoom and electronic calipers, quickly edit statements and perform serial comparison.

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Midmark IQholter™

Midmark IQholter

The IQholter recorder is small and lightweight, making it easy and comfortable for your patient to wear. The readable, well-lit display and intuitive keypad make clinician navigation and menu control simple. Other features include:

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Midmark IQspiro™

Midmark IQspiro

The Midmark IQspiro Digital Spirometry System combines a digital spirometer with innovative software solutions that make it fast and easy to capture, interpret and retrieve patient information. Our digital spirometer also features correct patient positioning that can optimize testing and an eject lever that saves time and alleviates handling of used mouthpieces.

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