Logo Guidelines


Use of the Midmark logo is firmly governed by our corporate branding policy. Please click here to reference the guidelines on proper usage and prohibited reproduction. All uses of the Midmark logo and brand elements should be reviewed and approved by Midmark Corporate Communications. To make a request, please email midmarkcorporatecommunications@midmark.com



Available Formats

The following logos are available in two file formats. Please see descriptions listed below for further details.

EPS - The EPS format is intended for print work. This file format should always be used when applying the logo to printed matter, like collateral, promotional materials, banners, etc. The logo should be placed directly into the layout document. Warning: The EPS file should only be opened in a vector-based program to ensure the line quality of the logo. Opening in a pixel-based program will destroy the line quality and cause the logo to appear pixilated.

High Resolution JPEG - A JPEG is intended for on-screen viewing or web use if the file is a graphic element. Warning: A JPEG format logo should never be used as artwork in print pieces. It should never be applied at a size larger than 100% of the actual size. Enlarging it will further distort the line quality.



Download Instructions 


To download, please choose which version of the logo you would like to use and click the appropriate link.

The logos shown below are also available in white per request. To obtain this version, please contact Midmark Corporate Communications at 1-800-MIDMARK.