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The Midmark Digital Radiography system uses the lowest possible X-ray dose while still achieving premium results, providing a better safety option for both patients and staff.



The Midmark Digital Radiography System

The Midmark Digital Radiography System is the perfect combination of low-dose and industry-leading image quality. Combined with the worry-free convenience of the PACS Cloud Service, it is an ideal upgrade solution for any practice.

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CsI Direct Deposit

Csl crystals are grown to demanding standards and directly deposited onto each panel using patented technology—not purchased and glued on. The direct deposit process yields the least amount of isotropic photon lateral scattering which means the best resolution (MTF); the lowest photon coupling loss which means the best quantum efficiency and detective quantum efficiency (DQE); and the most reliable long-term performance.

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PACS Software

PACS Digital X-ray Imaging System consists of PACS acquisition software, computer, monitor, detector and Midmark web-based mini-PACS.







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• Promotion order period: May 15 –December 31, 2018

• Last date to take shipment of products: January  15, 2019

• Invoice must be dated: May 15, 2018–January  15, 2019 

• Last date to claim incentives: January 31, 2019



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Product Features 

• Reduces time, costs and labor associated with obtaining and returning film jackets

• Supports multiple concurrent users through its web client interface

• Provides 24/7 access to vital patient data and images

• Allows view of full-fidelity images from local and remote locations

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