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To redeem your incentive, simply fill out the information below. The promotion order period is June 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018, with delivery taken by September 30, 2018. Last date to claim incentives online is October 31, 2018.

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Eligible products, and incentives for purchase and redemption. 



Diagnostic Monitor

Designed to be compact, lightweight and durable, with an intuitive interface to make our monitors easier to use. Eligible for a $150 rebate. 

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LED Procedure Light 

The Midmark 255 LED Procedure Light is designed to deliver superior, quality illumination that is affordable. Eligible for a $300 rebate for dual light, and $100 for single light. 

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Midmark Exam Lift Table 

The Midmark Exam Lift Table is height adjustable giving it the greatest range of motion on the market. Eligible for a $750 rebate. 

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Midmark Wet Dental/

Treatment Lift Table 

This table is designed to eliminate lifting to the treatment table and to allow for a variety of operator positions. Eligible for a $750 rebate. 

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Stainless-Steel Lift Tables 

The stainless-steel lift table with scales (electric or folding) is eligible for a $375 rebate or $275 without scales. 

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Midmark automatic sterilizers are reliable and convenient—count on us because they are counting on you. Eligible for a $400 rebate (both M9 and M11 models). 

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Promotional Information  

• Promotion order period: June 1 — Aug. 31, 2018

• Last date to take shipment of products: Sept. 30, 2018

• Invoice must be dated: June 1 — Sept. 30, 2018

• Last date to claim incentives: Oct. 31, 2018



Additional Rebates Available 

Special Pricing

• Containment

• Exam Tables

• Grooming and Tubs

• Kennel Runs


• Lift Tables

• Scales

• Surgery Tables

• Treatment Tables