Advantages of Modular Cabinetry For Your Veterinary Clinic

Jul 24, 2012


If you have ever built or renovated a clinic, you know that choosing which cabinetry you will use is one of the major decisions you'll have to make. 

Cabinetry can be a very costly investment, and it's something you're going to have to look at and use every day. So it should be durable, functional, and look amazing for years to come, right?

Sometimes it's difficult to find cabinetry that achieves all of these goals. Stainless steel is durable and functional, yes but do you want to look at that cold, sterile finish and the constant glare from your exam lights 24/7?


Traditional Cabinetry in Veterinary Clinics

So what's your next option? You could have custom wood cabinetry built to your exact specifications or go to the store and buy laminate cabinets with instructions that require a decoder ring to decipher. That covers you on the look and function aspects, but in a veterinary environment where water (and who knows what else) is everywhere, how long will those kitchen cabinets in your treatment room last, and is it really worth the cost for something that will break down in a few years when you need to replace it?

Animal Hospital at Willow Street treatment room before their Midmark makeover


Midmark Modular Casework

This is why Midmark has spent years perfecting our modular casework systems. With 18-gauge steel frames, the toughest hinges around, and completely sealed door panels designed to keep water out, durability is our calling card. Staffed with full-time casework designers who specialize in veterinary hospital layouts, we know how to create a look that is just right for your clinic. Choose from a huge variety of countertop combinations and woodgrain patterns, and you will have a style that's unique and custom the needs of your hospital. And with a completely modular design requiring only a few screws to mount, they are incredibly simple to install (and rearrange if necessary)


Willow Street After their makeover with Midmark casework


Midmark casework is the best veterinary cabinetry solution in regard to function, toughness, and design, so what?


Benefits of Modular Casework

Since Midmark casework is modular and is considered equipment, you can even write your investment off as a deduction on your taxes and depreciate it much quicker than built-in cabinetry (See and consult your tax advisor for specific advice).

Midmark Modular Casework is an investment in your practice that is designed for the rigors of the veterinary environment and will enhance the look of your clinic for years to come.  Learn more about Midmark modular casework for your veterinary clinic.


Watch the video below to learn more about Midmark's process for manufacturing modular casework from start to finish.