Meadowlands Veterinary Center Testimonial

Feb 26, 2012


Excellent customer support is what we strive for here at Midmark.

We believe that to create a superior product, we must be deeply focused on meeting the needs of the person who will be using it. That means everyone - sales, engineering, marketing, and even manufacturing spends time observing in clinics large and small to better understand how our products are used and to get ideas to make them better. That's how we design equipment like the VetPro 5000, which is a breakthrough in ergonomics, efficiency and designed specifically for veterinary dentistry. But we strive to do more than just make a great product. 

We are also committed to doing everything we can to make sure the customer is satisfied with their Midmark experience. We stand by our quality and sometimes that means going out of the way to make things right. That's why we were so encouraged to get this letter in our inbox from a very happy customer, Dr. Robert Slobody:

October 11, 2011

 This is an unsolicited letter of praise for your company and its products. Early this year I purchased you dental wet table and your VetPro 5000 dental delivery system. Both the quality and design of your system is impeccable. Your team of people is knowledgeable and very accommodating to the needs of the practitioner. When an issue arose that could not be resolved over the phone they promptly had a serviceman come to the practice and take care of it. The aesthetics of your products are superb and I get many complements on the dental suite. When it came time to consider lift tables for my exam rooms I investigated all the options and your competitors. Your design and aesthetics far outclass your competition. No slippery cold stainless steel and your table pad should cover every veterinary exam table out there. this pad acts as a pacifier when the pet steps on it and it is amazing to see  them calm down and often times lay down on the exam table. They don't slip and the cushion effect is relaxing. Table motion is smooth and non-frightening to the pet, and in fact most pets appear to relax as the table starts to rise. At the end of the exam after the table is lowered for the pet to walk off, many pets will walk back on voluntarily with no fearfulness. Clients constantly comment on how much they like the new tables. I also enjoy being able to sit down for many of my exams. I must compliment Pete [his Midmark rep] on the service and representation he gives for your company. He is a fine asset to have. My only regret is that I was wrong on what I felt would be a negative impact on my patients with a movable table. Such is not the case and I should have made the purchase years ago. There are some less expensive competitors out there but the quality of your products far exceeds any price differential, and these are purchases meant to last many years. Two thumbs up!!!!


Robert Slobody DVM