Midmark at the 2011 Veterinary Dental Forum

Jul 24, 2012


About the Veterinary Dental Forum

Every year, the AVDCAVDS , and AVD partner to host the Veterinary Dental Forum. It is an opportunity for veterinarians and technicians interested in dentistry to network and learn from each other. Extraction labs, lectures, and the chance to learn from boarded veterinary dental specialists are among the highlights of this annual event. The 2011 edition in Boston, MA was the most well-attended and robust forum to date.

In addition to the education and networking opportunities that come along with attending the forum, attendees have the opportunity to educate themselves on the latest products designed for their specialty. Manufacturers and distributors were located in the exhibit hall throughout the duration of the forum. Representatives were there to answer any questions and listen to suggestions from those on the cutting edge of this fast-growing specialty.

Setting up a booth with this much equipment is no easy task.


Our commitment to veterinary dentistry

We were represented this year by a full team that included clinical specialists, sales representatives, managers, and our very own technicians attending to keep up on their CE. With such a great mix of expert veterans and passionate young clinicians in attendance, Midmark Animal Health was proud to support the forum by being a major sponsor, providing $100,000 worth of equipment for the labs, and donating a  VetPro 1000 to the fundraising raffle.

The winner of the VetPro 1000, Dr. Jean Herrman of Coventry, CT

This was a great chance for attendees to get hands-on experience with the most innovative dental equipment on the market. We had many clinicians stop by our booth and comment on our designs, craftsmanship, and customer service. It's these conversations and observations that allow us to design equipment that solves real needs and improves the quality of dental care our doctors are able to provide.  We love to see the look on doctors' faces when they sit down in an ergonomic Dental Chair, pull it up to the adjustable Canis Major table, and position the VetPro1000  and VetVision Complete exactly where they need to perform a procedure with more efficiency and less fatigue than they ever thought possible.


Veterinary equipment designed for the next generation of dentists

We left the Veterinary Dental Forum this year excited about the future of veterinary dentistry and the veterinary industry as a whole. A few passionate people with a message they believe in can really change the landscape of their profession and improve the lives of their patients. That's true of what's happening in veterinary dentistry, and is certainly what Midmark strives to do when designing the equipment this new breed of veterinary dentist needs. 

We had some great conversations with some of the best vet dentists in the industry. Can't wait for next year in Seattle!