Going digital? You’re in good company.

See why your colleagues have chosen the Midmark True Definition™ Scanner for their practices.



Hear from peers who have made the switch to digital dentistry with the Midmark True Definition™ Scanner.

Going digital is a big decision for the future of your practice. That's why it can help to hear from those who have already made the journey. Some of our customers have shared opinions their experiences when choosing a Midmark True Definition Scanner and integrating digital impressioning into their practice.

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Impressing patients

“I was really surprised by the patient reaction. They like to see what we are doing, and this gives them a bit of a ‘wow’ factor. Don’t underestimate the effect on your patients.” —Dr. A. Thomas Shields



Increasing efficiency

"I used to dread seating crowns with traditional impression materials. I never knew if it was going to fit or how long it would take. Now, I have no concerns! They fit every time, and the margins are excellent. My seat times have gone from around 40 minutes to 10 minutes, and those time savings alone have been the biggest pay-off in my eyes." —Dr. Juan Arrue

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Making the leap to digital

“Do your homework. Look at several systems and decide what works well in your hands. Consider the cost and consider the source. Are they going to be around? I needed to have a trusted company behind the tech. That support was really important to me.” —Dr. James Kahal

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Overcoming the learning curve

“It took me about a week to be completely comfortable with the scanner, and I would not go back.” —Dr. Gohar Hovsepyan


Valuing accuracy

“Scan spray is your friend—it helps the speed and accuracy of the scan.” —Dr. Rupert Austin

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