Progeny Vantage® C Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System

A cephalometric system allows viewing teeth in relation to the jaw and the patient’s profile for the ideal orthodontic planning and treatment. The Progeny Vantage C can be fitted with two dedicated sensors—one panoramic, one cephalometric—for optimal examination efficiency. Or select one sensor to use for both functions, knowing you can add a second sensor in the future. Enhanced by the exclusive Clarity Enhanced Imaging Filter Set, Vantage C provides the soft-tissue visualization you need for detailed patient profiles you need to identify the bony and soft tissue landmarks. These critical points of reference are essential for accurate measurement in orthodontic patient treatment care planning.


  • Easy-to-use cephalostat can be installed either left or right
  • Cephalostat, ear posts and nasion positioner ensure accurate positioning
  • Vantage Touch® interactive operator panel is easy to use
  • Award-winning open design improves patient comfort
  • Slit-scan collimation reduces scatter radiation, improving image visualization