Midmark® Digital Spirometer

The Midmark digital spirometry system is designed to make detection at the primary care level simple and effective.

The digital spirometry system combines a digital spirometer with a Windows® based software solution that makes it fast and easy to capture, interpret and review patient test information.


Patient Prep + Proper Technique

Access technician and patient coaching videos directly from the main testing screen in IQmanager® to help standardize training and technique.

EMR Integration + Patient Flow

The spirometry software will learn as it is used, intelligently populating patient’s RASH information from the EMR, then transferring test data back into the EMR to reduce transcription errors and missing reports.

Clinical Standards

The Midmark Digital Spirometer utilizes the GOLD (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) classification for the diagnosis and management of COPD.


Additional Accessories