Midmark IQholter®

The Midmark Digital Holter combines a compact, digital recorder with three powerful software applications to meet practice needs from family physicians to cardiologists.

The three tiers of Midmark Holter solutions are all designed to be simple to use, intuitive and effective in advancing diagnosis and patient care.

Digital Holter

Easy-to-use Holter software with fully automated analysis and reporting, designed for routine monitoring situations in fast-paced offices.

Digital Holter EX

Includes the standard features of the Digital Holter with expanded functionality for A-fib, QT/QTc and HRV analysis, template editing, smart page scan and more.

Digital Holter EP

Includes all the features of Digital Holter EX plus Pacemaker detection of single and dual-chamber paced beats for non-captures and sensing failures.

Additional Accessories