Midmark Announces Updated Integration with Allscripts

Sep 13, 2017, 16:12 PM
DAYTON, Ohio, Sept. 13, 2017 — Midmark Corp., a leading medical solutions provider for ambulatory care, today announced the next version of Midmark IQiA, an integration with Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, to provide users with an improved interaction with Midmark digital diagnostic devices and software. The enhancement is designed to increase functionality for users and help improve the workflow of care providers.

Physicians and caregivers using IQiA will find an improved, streamlined interface that is more intuitive and designed to extend functionality while simplifying interaction. The new framework also enables future software updates to be pushed out directly as soon as they are available, providing the user with improvements faster than typical processes. Users can also now interface directly with Midmark IQvitals Zone, a new vital signs monitor designed to minimize connectivity challenges and improve data quality at the point of care by allowing caregivers to effortlessly and securely connect their tablet or laptop to the device when vital signs acquisition is initiated. IQvitals Zone joins the collection of Midmark digital diagnostic devices and software solutions previously integrated with Allscripts, including Midmark IQecg, Midmark IQholter, Midmark IQspiro and Midmark IQvitals.

“As the healthcare industry continues to move away from fee-for-service and toward models of payment based on the value of care provided, it’s important that caregivers have simplified and secure access to meaningful, accurate patient data at the point of care,” said Kurt Forsthoefel, marketing director, medical products and services, Midmark. “Integrating digital diagnostic equipment with EHR systems such as Allscripts helps create a connected point of care ecosystem that enables caregivers to increase efficiency, reduce errors and positively impact clinical outcomes.”

“Midmark is a long-term partner in the Allscripts Developer Program, and I’m very pleased that as we continue to add new API calls and integration options for developers in the program, Midmark has likewise continued to advance its own solutions and increase functionality available to Allscripts clients,” said Tina Joros, general manager of the Open Business Unit at Allscripts. “As our partners offer more advanced solutions in the market, Allscripts clients and their patients all benefit. The Allscripts Developer Program now offers both proprietary and FHIR-enabled APIs to connect third-party applications, devices and other innovative healthcare technologies with Allscripts products and continues to improve the support available to providers on our Developer Portal. This enables us to facilitate more than a billion data exchanges every year – the largest documented utilization of APIs in healthcare.”

Find more information about Midmark IQiA on the Allscripts Application Store. Health IT developers can create a free Allscripts Developer Portal account to access the Allscripts Open APIs and start building or connecting new innovations for Allscripts users.

To learn more about the point of care ecosystem, visit our resource library on midmark.com.

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