Midmark Limited Warranty - Veterinary Products


Midmark Corporation (“Midmark”) warrants to the original retail purchaser that it will repair or replace components of the animal health products manufactured by Midmark (except for products and components not warranted under “Exclusions”) that are defective in material or workmanship under normal use and service. The sole remedy under this limited warranty is the repair or replacement, at Midmark's option, of the applicable products or components. This limited warranty shall only apply to defects that: (i) are reported to Midmark within the applicable warranty period; and (ii) are determined to exist upon examination by Midmark. This limited warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser of a product, and is not transferable or assignable.

The applicable warranty period for each Midmark product commences on the date of delivery to the original retail purchaser of the product and shall continue for the period specified in the attached Warranty Guide, which Warranty Guide is expressly incorporated herein. References in the Warranty Guide to specific component warranty periods are in place of and supersede the generally applicable warranty period for the product under which the component is listed.

Warranty service must be obtained through either Midmark or an authorized dealer in the Midmark product line for which warranty service is requested. Midmark may be contacted for warranty service inquiries or issues via email at www.midmark.com, by mail to Midmark Corporation, 60 Vista Drive, Versailles, Ohio 45380, or by phone at: 1-800-MIDMARK.

It is the retail purchaser's obligation to arrange for delivery of a product to Midmark or one of its authorized dealers for warranty service, which delivery shall be at retail purchaser's expense. It is also the retail purchaser's obligation to comply with the warranty service instructions provided either by Midmark or its authorized dealer. The retail purchaser must provide Midmark with completed warranty registration information within thirty (30) days after purchase in order to obtain the benefits of this limited warranty. 

This limited warranty does not cover and Midmark shall not be liable for the following:
(1) defects, damage or other conditions caused, in whole or in part, by misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, accident (including animal acts of any kind), freight damage, tampering or failure to seek and obtain repair or replacement in a timely manner;
(2) matching of color, grain or texture except to commercially acceptable standards;
(3) changes in color caused by natural or artificial light;
(4) products which are not installed, used and properly cleaned and maintained as required in the installation and operation manuals for the applicable product (imaging product must be installed by a certified Midmark installer);
(5) products considered to be of a consumable nature;
(6) accessories or parts not manufactured by Midmark;
(7) specially manufactured products;
(8) charges by anyone (including Midmark's authorized dealers) for adjustments, repairs, replacement parts, installation or other work performed upon or in connection with such products which are not expressly authorized in writing in advance by Midmark;
(9) costs and expenses of routine maintenance and cleaning;
(10) all sinks, faucets and plumbing accessories;
(11) representations and warranties made by any person or entity other than Midmark; and
(12) with respect to software that is a product or a component thereof, that the software will be error free, can be used without problems or interruptions, or will be free from vulnerability to intrusion or attack by viruses or other methods.

Midmark's only obligation under this limited warranty is the repair or replacement of defective parts. Midmark shall not be liable for and hereby disclaims any direct, special, indirect, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages or delays including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits or income, loss of use, downtime, cover, and employee or independent contractor wages, payments and benefits. This disclaimer shall survive any failure or asserted failure of the essential purpose of this limited warranty or its remedies specified herein.

No person or firm is authorized to create or approve for Midmark any other obligation or liability in connection with Midmark products. 


No action may be brought against Midmark for breach of this limited warranty, an implied warranty, if any, or for any other claim arising out of or relating to the products, more than ninety (90) days following expiration of the warranty period. In the event multiple warranty periods exist with respect to a product, the ninety (90) day period provided for herein shall begin to run from expiration of the warranty period for the component to which the claim relates.

In the event any provision of this limited warranty is determined to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable: (i) the provision shall be enforced in a manner that closest holds to its intent, while at the same time curing the invalidity or unenforceability, and (ii) the balance of this limited warranty, being severable, shall not be affected in the event the provision that is invalid or unenforceable cannot be enforced in any respect.


Product Description Warranty Period
1. Midmark Modular and Exam Room Casework five (5) years
a. Plastic, Laminate and Solid Surface Counter Tops one (1) year
b. Task Light Ballast three (3) years
2. All Other Midmark Casework Products five (5) years
3. Synthesis™ Steri-Centers, Consoles, Cabinets,
Storage Units and Other Products five (5) years
a. Plastic, Laminate and Solid Surface Counter Tops one (1) year
b. Task Light Ballast three (3) years
4. Artizan® Streamline-Centers™, Stations, Consoles,
Benches and Other Products five (5) years
a. Plastic, Laminate and Solid Surface Counter Tops one (1) year
b. Task Light Ballast three (3) years
5. Midmark Steri-Centers five (5) years
a. Plastic, Laminate and Solid Surface Counter Tops one (1) year
b. Task Light Ballast three (3) years
Dental Delivery Systems
1. VetPro® Dental Delivery Systems and Stations two (2) years
a. Kink-Valve Module ten (10) years
b. Replacement Parts and Accessories ninety (90) days
2. VetPro® Dental Handpieces one (1) year
a. High Speed Chuck ninety (90) days
Exam and Treatment Tables
1. Canis Major® Lift Tables one (1) year
2. Exam, Prep and Treatment Tables one (1) year
1. Midmark Procedure Lights, Spotlights, Exam lights one (1) year
1. Cardell® Touch two (2) years
a. Capnostat Mainstream Probe and LoFlo Sidestream CO2 Modules one (1) year
b. Masimo Multigas Module two (2) years
c. Batteries and Temperature Probes one (1) year
d. Nellcor™ V-SAT SpO2 Sensors nine (9) months
e. Printer Batteries and ECG Esophageal Probes six (6) months
f. Blood Pressure Cuffs, CO2 Sample Lines and Adapters,
and ECG Cable/Wire Sets *
1. Surgery Stools one (1) year
2. Lift Stools one (1) year
3. Adjustable Stools one (1) year
4. Dental Doctor and Assistant Stools two (2) years

Product Description Warranty Period
Sterilization and Instrument Processing
1. Midmark M9 and M11 Automatic Sterilizers one (1) year
2. Soniclean® Ultrasonic Cleaners two (2) years
Carts and Cabinets
1. Treatment Cabinets one (1) year
2. Mobile Desks one (1) year
(Must be installed by a certified Midmark installer.)
1. VetPro® Complete two (2) years
2. VetPro® DC two (2) years
3. VetPro® DR two (2) years
4. VetPro® CR one (1) year
5. VetPro® OptiMax five (5) years **
Anesthesia Machines
1. Midmark Anesthesia Machines five (5) years
2. Plastic, Rubber and Disposable Parts and Products *
3. Midmark Serviced (used) six (6) months
Anesthesia Machines (Parts and Accessories)
1. Midmark and other Anesthesia Accessories (Including,
but not limited to, cylinder mounting blocks, induction
chambers, and gas supply components) one (1) year
a. Plastic, Rubber and Disposable Parts and Products
(Including, but not limited to, breathing bags, breathing
tubes and endotracheal tubes.) *
1. Midmark Central Scavenger five (5) years
2. Midmark Wall/Post Mount Single Scavenger one (1) year
1. VIP 3000® Vaporizers five (5) years
2. VXP™ Vaporizers one (1) year
3. Midmark Serviced (Used) Vaporizers one (1) year
Ventilators and Accessories
1. Midmark Model 3000 Anesthesia Ventilators one (1) year
Fluid Warmers
1. iWarm™ IV Fluid Warmer one (1) year

* The warranty as to these products or components only applies if such products or components are defective in material or workmanship at the time of delivery to the original retail purchaser and such defects are reported to Midmark within three (3) days from the date of delivery.

** coverage for five (5) years is included with the sensor purchase. If there is a catastrophic event making the sensor not function, it will be replaced at NO CHARGE the first time. Any additional occurrences are replaced at 60% off the current list price.

This Warranty Guide is not the entire warranty. Please see the applicable Limited Warranty for all other terms, conditions, and limitations


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