Meet QuickClean, a new ultrasonic cleaner 150% more powerful than previous models. 

QuickClean washes instruments for sterilization, allowing caregivers and staff to spend their time with patients, rather than washing instruments.

QuickClean with basket

Reliable, Efficient Cleaning

Using Frequency-Leap technology, QuickClean disperses water evenly across the tank, ensuring used instruments are fully cleaned the first time, no matter their placement. Automatic cleaning is more effective and more consistent than manual cleaning.

Improved Safety

QuickClean minimizes staff risks for injuries or infection from exposure to contaminated instruments that occur during manual washing while still thoroughly cleaning instruments in preparation for sterilization.

Simplified Use

QuickClean is easy to use right out of the box, so staff can be up and running with minimal training time. Features like preset or custom setting options, a digital LCD control panel that displays prompts, and fluid sensors that monitor water levels help minimize required training and set-up.


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QuickClean Ultrasonic Cleaner