VistaCool™ Direct-To-Drain Cooling System For Autoclave Wastewater

The optional VistaCool Direct-to-Drain System for Autoclave Wastewater reduces the temperature of sterilizer wastewater before sending it directly and safely to the drain. This non-electric, self-monitoring and self-regulating system frees your team to spend more time chairside and less time maintaining equipment.

Protects Staff

Eliminates the need to empty hot wastewater tanks. Prevents damage to cabinetry caused by spills from emptying or overflowing condensation tanks.

Protects Drains

Prevents scalding hot sterilizer wastewater from melting plumbing with built-in backflow prevention that meets or exceeds local plumbing codes.

Saves Time

Eliminates a time-consuming task with a simple, automatic self-monitored system.

Additional Accessories