VistaCool™ Direct-To-Drain System

The VistaCool direct-to-drain system reduces the temperature of sterilizer wastewater, eliminating the need for condensate bottles and tanks. This safe and reliable solution is designed to enhance office efficiency—less work for the staff means more time to care for patients. Available in a single unit designed to be compatible with the Ritter M3® and a double unit compatible with any two current Ritter® automatic sterilizers (M3, M9® and M11®)

Protects Staff

  • Eliminates the need for office staff to empty steaming-hot water bottles manually and prevents mold and mildew caused by spills and exhaust from condensate tanks.

Protects Drains

  • Prevents sterilizer wastewater from melting plumbing with built-in backflow prevention that meets or exceeds local plumbing codes.
  • Helps protect cabinets from rot and rust by sending cooled wastewater directly and safely to the drain.

Saves Time

  • Saves staff time by eliminating user maintenance, thanks to the non-electric, self-monitoring and self-regulating system.

Additional Accessories