VistaCool™ Direct-To-Drain Cooling System For Autoclave Wastewater

The VistaCool direct-to-drain system eliminates the need for sterilizer water condensation tanks. This safe and reliable system is a convenient solution to a tedious task. Available in either a single or double unit designed to be compatible with the Ritter® M3 Steam Sterilizer.

Protects Staff

  • Eliminates the need to empty hot wastewater tanks. Prevents damage to cabinetry caused by spills from emptying or overflowing condensation tanks.

Protects Drains

  • Prevents scalding hot sterilizer wastewater from melting plumbing with built-in backflow prevention that meets or exceeds local plumbing codes.

Saves Time

  • Eliminates a time-consuming task with a simple, automatic self-monitored system.

Additional Accessories