Dental Mechanicals User Count Calculator

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Enter your information in the spaces below to determine your total number of dental users. User count helps identify the vacuum and air compressor sizes you need to meet the demands of your practice now and into the future.*

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To calculate users, we use the following general equivalencies: each HVE equals 1 user, each saliva ejector equals 1/2 user and each nitrous oxide scavenger equals 1/2 user. Certain piping lengths and configurations can also affect vacuum performance and add to user count. Midmark dental equipment user capacity ratings are based on typical combinations of HVEs, saliva ejectors and nitrous oxide scavengers that can work simultaneously in a conventional dental setting.

For specific application, contact Midmark Technical Support for compressor and vacuum sizing recommendations.

*User satisfaction is a subjective matter. User counts and user capacity ratings are for planning purposes only.