PowerVac® G Utility Savings Calculator

How to use the Calculator:

Enter the information for your current vacuum system in the spaces below to see what your energy savings could be using a Midmark PowerVac G Dry Vacuum.


Compare the costs of your current wet-ring vacuum, wet-ring vacuum with recycler or dry vacuum with the expected costs of a new oil-less, waterless PowerVac G Dry Vacuum.

Wet-Ring Vacuum Wet-Ring w/ Water Recycler Dry Vacuum PowerVac G
Water & Sewer Costs $570 $200 0 0
Electric Costs $351 $351 $609 $187
Maintenance (filters) $558 $558 $0 0
Operating Cost Per Year $1,479 $1,109 $609 $187
Water Used Per Year 60,000 21,000 0 0