Midmark QuickClean® QC3/QC3R Ultrasonic Cleaners

The QuickClean QC3 is easy to use right out of the box and onto the counter so your staff can be up and running with minimal training time. Or if you prefer a sleeker look, you can choose the QC3R recessed option. Both units have a 3.3-gallon capacity—just the right size to manage your daily instrument cleaning needs and increase productivity.

Powerful Cleaning

  • Clean more thoroughly and consistently throughout the entire bath with advanced Frequency-Leap technology.

Consistent Results

  • QuickClean helps ensure all of your instruments are fully cleaned the first time, every time, no matter where they are placed in the basket.

Simple to Operate

  • QuickClean is easy to use with a digital LCD control panel, preset or customized settings, built-in data storage that retains the previous cycle settings, and a fluid sensor that detects insufficient water level in the bath and alerts the operator.

Additional Accessories