Midmark M11® Steam Sterilizer

Midmark® Steam Sterilizers are designed with intuitive instructions that can simplify compliance, cycle operation, and performing and recording device care. This can help reduce transcription and documentation errors which could account for 56% of sterilization errors.1 Automated mechanical monitoring and chemical indicator reporting can save time, helping simplify staff training and giving them confidence to process instruments.


Intuitive User Interface

Navigate cycle setup and other processes with a clear, fingerprint-resistant 5-inch touchscreen you can utilize while wearing gloves. Choose a style—light or dark.

Streamlined Compliance Recordkeeping

Stay audit-ready with device reminders and notifications, user authentication, unlimited storage of routine care events for the life of the sterilizer, and automated cycle recordkeeping.


Midmark sterilizers have been designed for durability, including an increased device life of 25,000 cycles thanks to a completely reengineered chamber. This can reduce the frequency of required maintenance by users and certified technicians by more than half.


Additional Accessories