Building or remodeling your Veterinary clinic? Midmark is here to assist you from start to finish

May 19, 2015

When a veterinary practice owner is looking to build or remodel a hospital, it is usually because the practice has outgrown its existing space, needs to undergo a major face-lift to add new services, or is a new practice trying to establish itself amongst existing competition. In any case, the prospect of undergoing such a major change can seem daunting. That is why it’s important to prioritize goals for the projects and bring in experts to advise you at every major step of the process.

Midmark can assist early in the planning and design process with your building or remodeling project, alleviating some of the stress of going through a major renovation. We maintain in-house specialists who are trained on our state- of- the- art design software. This allows us to take your plans and actually develop 3D renderings of all of the cabinetry and tables so that you can see exactly what will go into your clinic before finalizing your order. It also permits you to actually visualize the styles, colors and finish options, and select the ones that best fit your design. Project coordinators will work with you, your architect, and builder to ensure the design, order and installation processes flow smoothly. Once you order new cabinetry and tables, you can select a ship date that fits your schedule and Midmark will deliver the equipment to your facility.

Midmark specializes in making equipment and cabinetry solutions fit in with your workflow and enhance your business. For example, our new SynthesisTM casework is medical grade cabinetry designed specifically for clinical environments ( find it here). Its steel construction is finished using a proprietary vinyl coating process and creates a beautiful aesthetic without sacrificing the durability that the veterinary space demands. Synthesis TM is much more durable than wood or laminate, but much warmer in appearance and in most cases, less expensive than stainless steel. It helps to create an environment any practice owner would be proud to show clients, and staff would be happy to work in.

Synthesis TM also allows for complete flexibility in creating a space that will be the right fit for you. Our designers and project managers will recommend dimensions, door and drawer combinations, and styles of table based on the most frequently performed procedures in the space. You can choose from a variety of panel styles, colors, countertop colors, and handles for a custom look. Our team can even consult on the placement of equipment within the space and advise how the equipment can help to optimize workflow. These services are provided free of charge.Contact a Midmark sales representative, or click the link below to learn more about Synthesis TM casework and our cabinetry solutions.

Synthesis Steri–Center