Introducing the Cardell® Touch Anesthesia Monitor

Mar 04, 2014

Midmark Animal Health is pleased to announce the release of our new Cardell® Touch Anesthesia Monitor. Providing better care for our customers and their patients has always been the driving force behind our product designs and developments. It’s the reason we’re continuously striving to make improvements to our products and working to discover what the next trends in veterinary medical equipment will be to keep our customers and their patients ahead of the curve. 

Time is of the essence in veterinary practices, which is why we added touch screen capability to the 10.5” monitor, along with redesigned menus and controls. These features will allow you to quickly select and click what you need with a simple touch. However, if you prefer the traditional-style buttons featured on previous models, they are still located directly beneath the screen.

In addition to safety and reliability, one feature should always remain top of mind when any product advancements are made; efficiency. Our new Cardell® Touch Anesthesia Monitor offers the same reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from the Cardell® brand, but with specific advancements to make your job easier and help you run your practice more efficiently. The Cardell® Touch offers the best features of our Cardell® 9500 and Max 12 monitors in an optimally sized, advanced package, making it the ideal product for any practice that doesn’t want to sacrifice features for size or price.

Entering patient information has never been easier with the Touch, and now data export capabilities are redesigned and better than ever. Complicated yet crucial data that comes from the ECG shouldn’t slow you down, so with the Touch, you no longer have to spend valuable time organizing and translating data points into wave format upon export with our new ECG data technology.  The process of converting data into wave format happens with the software in the USB provided with the Touch, so your time can be spent focused on something more important – the patient.

We think that your equipment should make your job easier, period. You won’t find a more advanced anesthesia monitoring system out there with the reliability, peace of mind, and ease of use that the Cardell® Touch offers. Veterinarians know better than anyone else that a simple touch can make a life better, and we at Midmark are proud that we could help Vets achieve that with our own simple Touch.  

The first unveiling of the product happened at the Western Veterinary Dental Conference in Las Vegas and we received astonishingly positive feedback. We expect to be taking orders for the Cardell® Touch in March of 2014, so contact your dealer rep or a Midmark representative to place an order.