Vet Tech Appreciation Week

Oct 22, 2012

Last week was Vet Tech Appreciation week, where we recognized all our customers who work as technicians. But we'd like to take some time to thank the technicians who are part of the Midmark family. This week, we are declaring "Midmark Tech Appreciation Week," and would like to recognize the unsung heroes of the Midmark veterinary world; our technicians. We have 7 teammates in a variety of roles that come to work everyday with the valuable experience of having worked as techs in clinics. We feel their experience gives them credibility and understanding when they are working with customers and advancing our business. They truly know what it's like to be in the shoes of the technician, and that's something that's hard to replicate. So join us in showing appreciation for Midmark's veterinary technicians, and get to know them below:


Annette M. Poirier, BAS, CVT

Current position with Midmark: Clinical Specialist, Monitoring & Critical Care

Experience: Certified Veterinary Technologist (4 yr degree), I have been a credentialed technologist for 29 yrs.; 2 term past president of the Florida Veterinary Technician Association. Member of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America,  On the cover of Veterinary Technician magazine 4/2003; FVTA Technician of the Year, 6/2005.

Where did you work?

Wickham Road Animal Hospital, Melbourne, FL
Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists, Largo, FL; Head Technician of Nursing dept
All Cats Hospital, Largo, FL;
Tampa Bay Emergency Care Center, Largo, FL; (current)
St. Petersburg College Veterinary Technician Program, Largo, FL—Instructor (current)

How does your experience as a vet tech help you to do your job at Midmark?

It allows me to understand our customer’s point of view. When a clinic calls in for help I know what they are going through because I have done it myself. I can then tailor a solution to their needs.


Jenny Goepfert, LVT

Current position with Midmark: Clinical Specialist, Monitoring & Critical Care

Experience: I attended an AVMA accredited veterinary college, earned my degree, and went on to pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE).  I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) and have worked at some really amazing small animal facilities and specialty practices.

Where did you work?

Ridgeview Animal Hospital in Omaha, NE
Miami Veterinary Specialist in Miami, Florida 

How does your experience as a vet tech help you to do your job at Midmark?

As a technician, I found my niche working in surgery. Monitoring anesthesia is a very demanding role and you always have to be ready for the unexpected. Being a Critical Care Specialist at Midmark has opened the doors to help my fellow technicians and doctors around the world. In turn, I feel I make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of animals daily. My journey as a veterinary technician has been a rewarding experience and I look forward to what my future brings. 


Jamie Dues, RVT

Current position with Midmark: Operations Planner-Air/Vac & Vet

Experience: RVT-2 years 6 years total in clinic

Where did you work?

Maria Stein Animal Clinic-Maria Stein, Ohio 
Ft. Recovery Veterinary Clinic
Coldwater Animal Hospital-Coldwater, Ohio

How does your experience as a vet tech help you to do your job at Midmark?

Being a tech has helped in understanding the equipment we’re building and how it is used in a clinic. When I would get a call from a clinic when I was in technical support, I felt like I was in the Treatment Room/Surgery Suite with them answering questions.


Elizabeth (Beth) Hart, RVT

Current position with Midmark: Veterinary Customer Experience Rep. Beth also handles VetPro 1000 in-services and assists in the coordination of our wet labs.

Experience: Worked 3 years as a full time technician and has been with Midmark for 4. Still works some weekends to keep up her certification and to stay current.

Where did you work?

Annehurst Veterinary Hospital in Westerville Ohio and Tri-County Veterinary Service  in Anna Ohio which is where I currently work.

How does your experience as a vet tech help you to do your job at Midmark?

I have a better understanding of the equipment and can relate better to the customers when we’re on the phone. 


Kelly Mueller, RVT, BS, CNHP

Current position with Midmark: Marketing Initiatives Coordinator - Animal Health

Experience: 5 years in the hospital, 5 years with Midmark

Where did you work?

Maria Stein Animal Clinic in Maria Stein,OH

How does your experience as a vet tech help you to do your job at Midmark?

Knowledge and experience is key when providing outlook and opinions in our day to day marketing messaging.


Danielle Loughton, RVT

Current position with Midmark: NW Territory Manager

Experience: RVT in California since 1998, Midmark Rep since 2003

Where did you work?

I spent my whole career as an emergency and critical care tech as well as a surgical technician. I worked at several emergency clinics in the central valley of California, including 3 years working in the Small Animal ICU at UC Davis/VMTH as a critical care nurse. As part of those duties, I also taught critical care nursing techniques to veterinary students during their rotations through the SAICU while attending UCD/VMTH. I also worked as a surgical technician for a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon at a very large surgical and referral practice in Sacramento for almost 5 years and was also the equipment manager/purchaser.  

How does your experience as a vet tech help you to do your job at Midmark?

My background as an RVT has contributed to my current position at Midmark in so many ways but mainly because I am able to speak to our end users from their point of view!  Howthey would use the equipment we manufacture!  I am able to “speak the language” so that when I am detailing a piece of equipment, I can better explain how each of our features will benefit their practice. When selling a piece of our equipment, I always put myself in their shoes. How would I want this investment to work for me?  The answer is simple, I would want a company that invests in quality, backs up their products, and  provides service for their products, and Midmark does that! I truly believe that we manufacture products that I would personally recommend if I were still in practice. 


Danielle Heberle, CVT

Current position with Midmark: Dental Clinical Manager

What do you do for Midmark?

Danielle manages a network of dental technician specialists who go into clinics and train the staff on the proper use of the VetPro Complete Imaging System. She is also heavily involved in wet labs throughout the country, ensuring Midmark is represented by a knowledgeable and experienced clinical advocate. She's invaluable to the success of our dental programs and certainly is loved within the industry.