Who is Midmark Animal Health? Meet the Product Development Team

Aug 01, 2012


Ever take a look at your clinic’s equipment and think - “Who comes up with this stuff?”

At one time, every piece of equipment we offer for veterinary clinics was just a concept from our design team. The Midmark Animal Health new product development team focuses not only on creating new products to complement your clinic’s operation, but looks at continually improving existing products. This approach allows Midmark to stay on the cutting edge with our products and tailor them to meet the changing needs of the veterinary environment.

Our engineers not only spend their time on product development, but also in clinics visiting those who use our equipment the most often – veterinary professionals like you. The best way to get feedback on concepts, see our designs in use, and identify potential issues comes from this clinic time.

If you were to ask each member of the design team what their favorite parts of the job is, the answers remain the same. The people they work with, the products they develop, and the people who use it are all among their favorite elements.

Recently, the design team rolled out the new Veterinary Treatment Chase , which allows for all of the equipment in the treatment room to be centralized off the floor and to maximize efficiency through design. To complement this new product, they also introduced new  Veterinary Lighting options. Innovation like this takes a team of focused professionals who immerse themselves in understanding customer needs and trying to solve them with high-quality medical equipment. Meet our new product development team below:

The Midmark Animal Health New Product Development team left to right: Joyce Ahrens, Guy Waterman, Matt Tangeman, and Nick Beasley


Guy Waterman, Engineering Manager

Guy Waterman has been with Midmark for 37 years, currently as Engineering Manager for the Animal Health Division.  Before joining Animal Health during its inception in 2007, he spent time managing Corporate Engineering. Born and raised in New Bremen, OH, he still resides there today. Guy and his wonderful wife, Becky, have two children; Anthony and Amanda. They also have three grandchildren; Hunter, McKenzie and Hayden. As Engineering Manager, he oversees the new product development team and works on developing strategies for the animal health market and tactics to achieve those strategies. His hobbies include archery and attending his grandkids' activities.


Matt Tangeman, Design Engineer

Matt Tangeman has been with Midmark since 2004, originally in the Medical division, he moved to Animal Health in early 2008. An army brat, he was born in Manhattan, Kansas. His family moved to New Bremen, where he graduated high school and still currently resides with his wife Gina, two sons, daughter, and their golden retriever, Haddie. Matt has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo. He spends his days improving existing products and developing new products, including the  VetPro 1000


Nick Beasley, Design Engineer

Nick currently serves as a Design Engineer for Midmark Animal Health. He has been with the company for since 1999, spending his breaks from school as a co-op before joining full-time in 2004. Nick graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Originally from Versailles, Ohio, Nick now lives in Osgood with his wife of seven years, Lisa (who also works at Midmark as a software developer), his two sons and daughter. Nick spends his time improving existing products and on new product development, including the  Veterinary Treatment Chase.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family.


Joyce Ahrens, Design Engineer

Joyce Ahrens, Design Engineer, has been with Midmark for eleven years. Originally working in power operation with Midmark, she later moved to Animal Health as a design engineer. Previously, she worked with Hobart Corporation in their commercial warewashing division. Joyce has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton. A lifelong resident of Versailles, she lives with her husband, Bob, and has two sons and two daughters. They also have a wide range of animals, including a dog, rabbit, ferret, fish and some chickens.  n her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, landscaping,  gardening and attending her kids’ many functions. As a design engineer, she has worked on the international  VetPro 1000 and  Canis Major Lift Tables