Small Animal Anesthesia Ventilator Model 3002PRO

An electronically controlled, time-cycled, pressure-limited ventilator, the Model 3002PRO replaces the breathing bag to provide smooth, even delivery of anesthesia. Designed specifically for veterinary practice, the 3002PRO assures a constant volume for each delivered breath, regardless of patient compliance and airway resistance. Easy-to-use controls make operation simple and convenient.

  • Replaces the breathing bag, freeing technician to assist in other procedures

  • Single volume control knob allows for minute changes with small patients

  • Promotes regular breathing for a smoother plane of anesthesia, more normocapnic PaCO2 levels and a more normal blood pH

  • More economical use of supply gas

  • Interchangeable bellows adapt to animals from 2.2 lb to 440 lb (1 kg to 200 kg)

  • Dual-airway pressure alarms monitor the peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) of every breath and sound when the PIP either exceeds the preset maximum working pressure limit (MWPL), or fails to reach 6 cm H2O as in the case of a disconnect

  • Adapts easily to all anesthesia circuits with out-of circuit vaporizers

  • Accommodates respiratory rates from 6-40 breaths per minute at inspiratory flow rates from 0-100 LPM

  • Built-in scavenging port