Easily track your dental program, measure progress, right-size your fees and target lapsed patients!

When you invest in dental training and equipment, the most effective way to maximize and accelerate your return on investment is to set goals and track your progress. Until now, dental summary reports often missed entire categories of related charges. Creating a dentistry baseline was often a tedious process of manually reviewing invoices and entering dental charges into a spreadsheet for analysis. For a busy hospital manager, this could equate to several weeks of time-consuming data review.

The Midmark Dental Optimizer™ allows you to track and manage the success of your dentistry program. Run monthly summaries and detailed production reports on your dentistry performance and compliance. The Dental Optimizer seamlessly integrates with your practice management software, streamlining efficiencies and enabling you to assess data quickly and accurately by segmenting dental revenue into groups such as dental procedures, radiology or take-home products. A summary report can display up to two years of data, saving significant time in producing a baseline report for benchmarking and goal setting. If you are looking for more information, you can drill down with a detailed monthly report to assess dentistry production and compliance by doctor, track dental home-care sales and reconcile dental invoices.


  • Dentistry Tracking Report: Select a custom date range for a summary of dental performance by month, with up to 24 months of lookback data for benchmarking, baselining, goal tracking and compliance monitoring.
  • Monthly Dentistry Production Detail: Obtain reports on dental performance by doctor, detailed dental home care sales and a dental invoice list by client.
  • Dental Fee Optimizer: Determine the best prices to charge for dental procedures based on your zip code and the services you provide.
  • Dentistry Patients Now: Search for patients with lapsed dental procedures so you can send reminders and education tips to encourage oral care visits. Emails and texts can be sent directly from the software.


  • Produces baseline dentistry reports using up to 24 months of prior data.
  • Allows direct comparison with industry benchmarks.
  • Enables scheduling of automatic monthly email updates.
  • Includes dental-related charges, such as for anesthesia, fluids, cleaning, X-rays and oral surgery.
  • Tracks dental revenue to practice revenue (%), revenue per procedure ($), compliance versus wellness exams, recommendations and more.
  • Works with AVImark®, Cornerstone®, ImproMed® and other popular systems.
  • Generates the first report within 24 hours. After that, reports can be generated in just a few minutes.


How It Works

Once you complete the one-time registration and installation process, you are all set. Your authorized team members will have remote access to up-to-date practice data, directly from your practice information management system. Data is housed in a secure cloud server that is updated daily, enabling you to access your information safely and securely, anywhere you have a secure internet connection.

Getting Started

  • If you have a Promo Code, enter it and then click the “Buy” button.
  • NEW CUSTOMERS: As you proceed through checkout, you will be prompted for your practice-specific details and a preferred payment method. To access your practice data, and then Midmark Dental Optimizer, follow the post-checkout directions provided on the final confirmation page or in the confirmation email.
  • EXISTING CUSTOMERS: As you proceed through checkout, you will be prompted to provide your Sikka account credentials and a preferred payment method. To access Midmark Dental Optimizer, follow the post-checkout directions provided on the final confirmation page or in the confirmation email.

AVImark, Cornerstone and ImproMed are registered products of their respective companies.


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