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You may only be treating  of your patients who have dental disease, leaving  untreated.

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Re-evaluate Your Numbers

This calculator estimates your dental opportunity by annualizing visits to approximate total patients versus patients receiving dental care.  Studies indicate that 70-80% of cats and dogs over three have oral disease, so about half your patients likely suffer.  We use the AAHA Fee reference guide 10th edition to apply a range of dental fees to the number of likely “untreated patients” to show what it would mean if 100% of those patients received care.  To give you a realistic picture of what is possible given investments in dental x-ray and/or whole-clinic training, we show the annual opportunity if you treat a modest percentage of additional patients and how quickly your investment would be paid back.  If you are thinking about selling your practice, we use a range of 6-8x earnings multiple to show how this investment could increase the value of your practice to a potential buyer.


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