Midmark® M3 Steam Sterilizer

Accelerate and simplify instrument sterilization by having ready-to-use instruments when you need them. The Midmark M3 Steam Sterilizer is fast and user friendly, quickly processing instruments so you can spend more time running your practice and focusing on your patients. With built-in safety features, no supplemental air or water filtration systems required, and a compact design, the M3 Steam Sterilizer is a safe, easy-to-use powerhouse in fast sterilization.

The smart choice for a well-designed and fully equipped sterilization center, the Midmark M3 sterilizer is the perfect fast-cycle complement to the larger Midmark M9® and M11® sterilizers, giving you:

Rapid Sterilization

The quick cycle times help meet the demands of a busy schedule.

Ease of Use

One-step loading and push-button cycle selection make operation so simple, it can be done with one hand. 

Minimal Maintenance 

The simple design works without air or water filtration systems that need constant attention. 

Enhanced Reliability 

ASME certification for safety and effectiveness provides peace of mind.

NOTE: The updated Midmark M3 Steam Sterilizer is anticipated to be available in Canada in November 2020.

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