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Midmark 255 LED Procedure Light

Step out of the shadows.

Whether you practice in an office environment or specialized procedure area, your work requires superior, white, shadow-free illumination that is cool to the touch. The 255 LED Procedure Light by Midmark is designed to deliver both quality and affordability with features that can help you provide the best care to your patients.


Over two times brighter (at 7,500 fc) than the most popular halogen light on the market, the 255 LED Procedure Light has a color temperature of 4,400 K for a natural, white light comparable to that of noonday sunlight.


LED technology uses less energy than halogen, lowering the total operating costs by up to 92.5% over halogen (based on 30,000 hours).


An integrated on/off switch and dimmer on both sides of the light head provide control in the most convenient place for more efficient use.









Ergonomic Dentistry 

Protect your long-term health with equipment designed to promoteproper posture for both clinicians and patients. Our solutions support the workflow that best suits your practice needs.

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