This workshop was both instructive and inspirational, and may have been the single most important factor in our success. By including everyone from reception, the technician and the doctor, the entire practice enthusiastically rallied to a common purpose like I have never seen with any other initiative we have pursued. We established a shared appreciation for the importance of oral healthcare, a common language to use in promoting it, as well as a uniform platform from which to launch our program. After immersing ourselves in dental best practices, our team emerged with the knowledge, tools and confidence to execute the customized plan that we developed. Because everyone was involved and participated in the brainstorming, we had complete buy-in. The staff owns it and has embraced the program fully.

Dr. Steve Borowiak
Managing Veterinarian,
Animal Medical Clinic – Wheaton

Like many clinics, our staff had varying backgrounds and training in veterinary dentistry. From the receptionist with little or no understanding of what oral healthcare for pets really involves, to some of our doctors with advanced clinical training, dentistry at our practice meant something different to each person. Our efforts were scattered at best. This workshop started with the basics and brought everyone together so that the team now enthusiastically operates with clarity and cohesiveness like never before. Developing a game plan together using best practices was powerful, and now the entire staff is committed to improving our dentistry program. The change has been dramatic.

Dr. Dave Clegg,
Liverpool Animal Health Clinic








Radiology Interpretation Online

AAHA introduced new dental guidelines that recommend full mouth dental X-rays on all patients. Why? Because studies show that up to 75% of dental radiological cases reveal disease that otherwise would not have been detected. Intraoral radiology is the cornerstone to the diagnosis, treatment, planning and monitoring of oral disease. It allows us to determine what pathology lies where our eyes cannot see and to determine a treatment protocol based on factual information

All of our dental radiograph interpretation courses include:

* Viewing films

* Normal tooth and periodontal anatomy

* Normal dental radiograph structures

* Radiographic signs of feline tooth resorption

* Radiographic signs of periodontal disease

* Radiographic signs of endodontic disease

* Radiographic signs of osseous lesions

* Case studies—What’s Your Diagnosis?




Expanded On-Demand Webinars:



Online Training



Double Your Dentistry™

1 CE Credit Hour: RACE #436-15471

This free, interactive training course describes the Midmark Dental Study in graphic detail, including the objectives, methods and results. After the short introductory module, Dr. Charlier will dive deep into each of the five keys to success. You will hear from the owners of the participating veterinary hospitals and learn what it takes to develop a successful dentistry program in your practice. When finished, you can download and print your RACE CE certificate online.




Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry

1 CE Credit Hour: RACE #436-31239

In this free one-hour course, Dr. Cindy Charlier, DAVDC and Tammi Smith, VTS (Dentistry) cover introductory topics including oral anatomy, dental equipment & instrumentation, the dental procedure, and dental radiographs.