Find out how your veterinary dentistry compares to the industry’s top performers so you can reach your potential. This comprehensive survey evaluates your performance, fees, equipment, client education and marketing, and delivers a customized report that shows how you stack up against best practices and what to do next to succeed.

In collaboration with nationally recognized speaker and veterinary oral health expert, Cindy Charlier, DVM, DAVDC, this program has been designed to give you immediate feedback on key areas of improvement so you can enhance your medical care and increase your profits.

  • How do your fees compare to the AAHA Fee Reference Guide?

  • How does your performance stack up against the Vet Economic’s “100 Well Managed Practices?

  • How can you update your dental suite to maximize revenue and enhance medical care?

  • How would you score on the dental section of the AAHA Accreditation survey?

  • What Best Practices can you implement in the areas of Client Education to increase compliance?

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