Midmark VME2®

The VME2® has the original compact Matrx design, manufactured by Midmark, the name you trust. The sleek, compact design of the VME2® can be upgraded with optional add-on components such as shelves, a second flowmeter, a second vaporizer, an occlusion valve with safety relief and/or an emergency air intake valve. 

  • Dual view oxygen flowmeter featuring a glass flowmeter tube that reads from 0.2-4 LPM - quickly switch from standard to magnified view at the touch of a finger 

  • Easy to view inhalation/exhalation valves

  • Oxygen flush

  • 1100 cc CO2 absorber and starter pack of Sodasorb® LF

  • Scavenging/adjustable pressure limiting (APL) valve

  • Breathing circuit pressure gauge

  • 15 mm and 22 mm diameter corrugated breathing circuits

  • One and two-liter breathing bags

  • Portable stand with 5-leg spider base and casters

  • Convenient accessory shelf

  • Accepts Midmark VIP 3000 and TEC 3 vaporizers

  • Limited 5-year warranty

Additional Accessories