Midmark VMR®

The Midmark VMR® Non-Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine is designed for safe, simple, and controllable inhalation anesthesia for rats, small rodents, exotics and other patients weighing less than 5 pounds. The VMR provides rapid control of anesthetic depth with little resistance to respiration. The VMR is adaptable to the needs of the practice.

  • Non-rebreathing anesthetic delivery system
  • Dual view oxygen flowmeter featuring a glass flowmeter tube with a fused scale that reads from 0-1000 cc/min – quickly switch from standard to magnified view at the touch of a finger
  • Includes Isoflurane (well-fill or key-fill style) or Sevoflurane well-fill VIP 3000® vaporizer
  • Also available in tabletop and wall mount configurations
Additional Accessories