Midmark VMS® with Midmark CM Wet Lift Table

You've added efficiency and ergonomically correct positioning to your clinic with the Midmark CM Wet Lift Table, now you can remove obstacles to caring for your patients by mounting the Midmark VMS®to your table. The mount attaches to the base of all Midmark Wet Lift Tables in minutes and can be purchased with or without the VMS® head so you can retrofit your current pole mounted Midmark anesthesia machine. The mount has a safety pin built in to help manage positioning of the anesthesia machine. You can rotate the machine to either side of the table, and raise or lower the head to the correct position.

  • Attaches to any Midmark CM Wet Lift Table (45 and 60" length) in minutes
  • Flexible options that allow you to mount a new Midmark VMS®anesthesia machine or retrofit your existing pole mounted VMS® machine to the mount
  • Move the mount to each side of the table and lock the mount into place to keep stable during a procedure
  • Raise or lower the height of the anesthesia machine to ensure easy access to adjust the controls on the anesthesia machine

Additional Accessories