Designing for Veterinary Care: Cabinetry that Supports Better Access and Safety

Stephanie Bertschy, Marketing Manager, Midmark Animal Health


April 2023

Did you know that strains and sprains are the second most common injuries for veterinary technicians and assistants?

It’s not uncommon for staff to strain to lift patients, work in uncomfortable positions or stretch to access needed items. Many of these repetitive motions lead to back and neck pain, or sore muscles and joints.

Storage should not contribute to staff injuries, yet cabinetry that improperly positions stored items—forcing users to lean and reach—can contribute to sprains and strains, even if a specific injury does not occur.

As a leading animal health solutions provider, we recognized the importance of designing cabinetry that offers better ergonomic support for veterinary staff. The first step was looking at who uses cabinetry the most and designing with their needs in mind.

92% of veterinary technicians are female and the average height of females in the US is 5’4” tall. To better position the most-used areas of storage for easier reach by this demographic, Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry was created with the following features:


Vet Tech reaching into cabinet


  • A lower upper height and thinner depth of the cabinets improve access to storage with less reach and lean required.

  • Gravity-fed angled flow shelving improves visibility and access to supplies, even for items stored toward the back of the cabinet.

  • Stackable bins keep the most used items organized and within easy reach.

  • Wall-hung cabinetry frees floor space for better cleaning and disinfecting, streamlining wall-to-wall cleaning and disinfection in high-traffic areas and treatment spaces.

Wall-Hung Cabinetry is part of Midmark Synthesis Cabinetry that includes base storage cabinets, tall cabinets, treatment tables, overhead cabinets, mobile treatment cabinets and specialty cabinets. The collection is designed to help veterinary teams maximize existing space, improve workflow and complement infection control protocols.

Discover how Wall-Hung Cabinetry can provide your staff with better reach and visibility while enhancing storage efficiency. To get started on designing your new animal care facility or expanding your existing environment, visit the Animal Health Design Center.


Vet Tech reaching into drawer