Handheld versus Conventional X-Ray Units
in Clinical Dental Practice
—a Cautionary Discussion







What should you consider when making your choice?

Handheld dental X-ray units were originally developed for situations where fixed units could not be used, like in field hospitals and emergency triage facilities. With handheld dental X-ray units becoming more widely used in dental practices, dentists are faced with a question. Are these units a better choice than conventional X-ray units?

While the appeal of handheld units is strong, many dentists have discovered that the reality of using them in daily practice is full of challenges. Based on the thorough analysis presented in this white paper, you will discover that, for most dental practices, conventional dental X-ray units are still the safest, best option for routine daily use.

Don't miss out on this in-depth review of handheld versus conventional X-ray units that considers:

  • Safety

  • Image Quality

  • Workflow and Ergonomics

  • Regulations

  • Cost and Lifespan

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