Progeny® Imaging Software

Progeny Imaging Software is designed to provide easy access to digital images, simplified storage and image recall, as well as many tools that are useful for image evaluation and diagnosis. Magnification, contrast or density adjustment and annotation are just a few of the powerful tools provided. Images can be exported, emailed or printed for insurers, your patients or referrals.

  • Acquire, display, manipulate, store and distribute dental X-ray images and intraoral video feeds
  • Progeny Clarity™ and Progeny Clarity Plus reduce ghosting and overlapping of bony tissue, define edges, and enhance slight differences in tissue density for more accurate diagnoses
  • Multiple zoom functions allow you to magnify specific areas in the X-ray for a better examination
  • Manage patient records
  • Create login IDs for users of Progeny imaging
  • Stores digital sensor images in DICOM format.
  • Standard with all Midmark Imaging equipment