BETA® Otoscopes + Ophthalmoscopes

One of the most basic parts of a primary care visit is the eye and ear exam. It seems simple enough, but there is more room for error than you might think. To detect variations in anatomical structures, you have to be able to see them clearly. The instruments you use can impact the quality of the exam and the accuracy of the diagnosis.

LEDHQ Illumination

Even distribution of light across the entire field of view (including the edges) results in high-contrast, distortion-free images with no distracting reflexes, shadows or disturbing hot-spots.

Our instruments have exceptionally high CRI values at greater than 97, a special index for red colors (R9: >93), and a color temperature of 3,500 K.

LEDs help reduce costs and maintenance with approximately 100,000 hours of bulb life and no bulb changes.

Superior Optics

Superior aspherical optics redirect corneal reflections away from the examiner’s path of sight, providing a crisper, clearer view of the fundus for improved diagnosis. It eliminates the need for filters or other systems that reduce resolution and compromise your ability to see important details.

HEINE® technology delivers exclusive 4.2x magnification for more detail of anatomical structures and easy recognition of foreign bodies.

Delivers an exceptional depth of field and sharp spatial images in a convenient working range with a large field of view.

Dustproof Design

The exclusive dustproof design protects precision optical components from dust and ensures maintenance-free operation.


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