A New, Smart Approach to RTLS Automation for Clinics

By Jeanne Kraimer, Marketing Manager, Midmark RTLS 
March 28, 2019


A real-time locating system (RTLS) is a powerful tool that can help transform the care experience in many ways. Over 25 years of customer feedback and experience implementing RTLS has taught us many things, but two stand out:

  1. The numerous features and applications of RTLS can be overwhelming.
  2. The technology alone cannot optimize patient flow. Pairing RTLS with proactive change management efforts creates sustainable transformation.

That’s why we’ve developed a prescriptive approach to optimizing patient flow in ambulatory care—to help ease your health system into the benefits of RTLS.

Formerly a standalone custom product, our Patient Flow Optimization workflow solution for clinics now consists of three progressively sophisticated levels: Base, Express and Advanced. Health systems can choose from these three options depending on their needs.   

What makes each of these levels different?  Let’s take a closer look at the options to determine which level of RTLS Patient Flow Optimization is right for you.

You’re looking for a simple introduction to RTLS for better communication.

If your budget is modest and you’re looking to start with the basics, consider our Base Patient Flow Optimization solution. Base allows you to easily see where staff and patients are in real time, reducing time spent searching. It’s quick to implement and easy for staff to learn, creating a solid foundation for future workflow sophistication, if desired.

You’re looking for straightforward, standardized workflow and metrics that provide a repeatable, measurable experience across multiple clinics.  

Our Express Patient Flow Optimization solution brings visibility into standard key performance indicators (KPIs) on patient wait times, caregiver interactions and overall visit metrics, improving exam room utilization and patient satisfaction. Well-suited to Primary Care and Urgent Care Clinics, Express provides a solid framework to benchmark clinic performance, facilitate best practices and make data-driven decisions for process improvement.

You’re looking for a customized workflow solution to fit your clinic’s specific needs.

With our Advanced Patient Flow Optimization solution, our Professional Services team will work closely with you to develop custom performance metrics and rule sets to achieve your specific goals. Advanced is perfect for Oncology, Eye Care or Multi-Specialty Clinics.

Whichever level of Patient Flow Optimization you choose, the Midmark RTLS project management team will proactively work with you to implement the system and help with change management efforts.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Outpatient Clinic Workflow Solutions brochure to learn more about Midmark RTLS can help transform your clinical operations.