Cancer and COVID: Creating a Safer Care Environment

Kim Barnhardt


October 21, 2020


Insulating at-risk patients from infections is a big step on the path to restoring patient confidence in returning to physician practices. Never has this been more critical than in oncology care, where avoiding in-person visits can have serious consequences. 

How are the top cancer centers tackling COVID-19 and creating safer care environments? I recently contributed an article to the Association of Cancer Executives, highlighting the use of Midmark RTLS technology to support social distancing with self-rooming models that allow patients to check in and move directly to an available exam room. Utilizing this model lessens the stress of waiting in a car or in common areas with potential exposures. 

RTLS also enhances patient flow and care team communications. In fact, I’ve worked with many health systems using this technology to create a calmer patient experience, with less waiting and better care collaboration. And they can rely on RTLS to help minimize contagion spread with automated contact tracing, resulting in a significant time savings from manual processes.

Recently, my team was on-site at St. Elizabeth’s Healthcare to celebrate the grand opening of a state-of-the-art cancer center that brings cancer detection, diagnosis and care under one roof. Midmark RTLS is supporting their mission by providing RTLS solutions that streamline patient flow and enhance care team collaboration.  

If you’d like to learn more about how we support a safer cancer care environment while enhancing patient flow, download our eBook 7 Benefits of RTLS for Cancer Care