Clinical Education Designed for Your Evolving Clinical Environment

Rebecca Benga





Having the right type of equipment within your clinical environment can help improve efficiency, comfort and safety. However, that’s only half the equation when it comes to further enhancing the delivery of care. What’s often missing—and what many caregivers may overlook—is educating staff on how to properly use and maintain that equipment. 

This type of education is becoming even more important with the steady migration of procedures and care from inpatient healthcare settings to outpatient settings. To address this issue, Midmark has been evolving its clinical education program so we may share our expertise and knowledge more easily with our customers to help them strengthen interactions and enhance the quality of care provided. It is vital that non-acute care teams have sustainable and scalable education options that are specialized to meet the needs of the everchanging clinical environment. 

The Midmark clinical education team is led by professional clinical educators who specialize in proper device use and workflow efficiency in non-acute facilities. In compliance with federal regulations on training for medical devices, Midmark educators have clinical backgrounds and have completed intensive Midmark device training.

Since every facility has different needs, we have a variety of flexible education options for healthcare staff. In-person, onsite clinical education provides hands-on experience within your patient care environment. Virtual education sessions are available with each device purchased. On-demand education offers unlimited access to our training video library.

For Midmark customers, the education program is focused on helping them understand how best to integrate our offerings into their facilities and workflows to ensure a better care experience and improved patient outcomes. The program allows Midmark teammates to better understand the patient and provider experience and how medical customers can use certain equipment and technologies to enhance the quality of care.

Our healthcare customers are seeing the results of our expanded clinical education program. For instance, blood pressure (BP) measurement continues to be one of the most inconsistently performed tests in the clinical environment. Not having a standardized protocol for measuring BP contributes to the inconsistency. Also, when using some methods to acquire BP readings there is increased risk of inaccuracies simply due to human variation.

To address this issue, our professional education team created an education session for Midmark teammates designed to increase their understanding of the importance of an accurate BP reading following American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines for patient positioning to help minimize the inherit risk. This gave Midmark teammates the knowledge they needed to advise clinicians on the proper way to take the reading to help ensure accurate, consistent BP measurement. 

When it comes to implementing new medical devices, we know proficiency can be achieved with proper training and education. To discuss the best education option for your team, contact your Midmark representative or email: