Delivering Clinical Expertise and CEUs: Our Trained Professionals Bring Training to Your Professionals

Rebecca Benga





At Midmark, we do not subscribe to the saying “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.” In fact, we believe some of the best teachers are those who have done or continue to do.

That’s why our Midmark clinical education team is led by professional clinical educators who specialize in proper device use and workflow efficiency in non-acute facilities. Midmark educators have clinical backgrounds and have completed intensive Midmark device training. They spend a lot of time in clinical environments, interacting with healthcare staff and learning first-hand the challenges, opportunities and issues that impact the non-acute space on a daily basis. 

In 2022, Midmark began expanding and evolving our clinical education program to take on a larger role within Midmark, advancing our clinical and non-clinical training for Midmark Teammates and customers.

The goals were twofold. Ensure Midmark Teammates understand the patient and provider experience and how healthcare customers can use certain equipment and technologies to enhance the quality of care. For Midmark customers, the training program focuses on helping them understand how best to integrate our offerings into their facilities and workflows to ensure a better care experience and better patient outcomes.


Veteran nurse training new nurse

Quality Training for Quality Care

To effectively achieve both these goals, our program adheres to the highest standards needed to make sure both groups get the most benefit from the training. That starts with making sure our people are certified to train your people and/or facilitate the required training. The second piece is partnering with organizations to offer training that provides continuing education units (CEUs) to help you and your staff maintain important certifications and licenses.

Midmark’s multi-tiered curriculum addresses the education needs of Midmark clinical educators, patient care staff at clinical facilities, and even patients to further drive positive health outcomes. The program takes a blended approach that features many informative and interactive components, including video, e-learning modules, live presentations, Q&A sessions, hands-on training and gamification modules.


An example of this is our course focused on hypertension that provides CEUs to nurses and other healthcare professionals. Currently, both the California Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN) and the National Center for Competency Testing have approved the offering for 2.0 contact hours.

While all 50 states and Canada accept CBRN credits for re-licensure, it is recommended that attendees check with their own Board of Nursing to confirm. Re-certification requirements vary, so attendees should check with their specific certification board. 

This continuing education course is intended for registered nurses, surgical technologists, or other healthcare professionals responsible for obtaining blood pressure measurements or healthcare professionals who want to learn more about hypertension, the importance of accurate and standardized blood pressure measurement, and integrating blood pressure measurement into the clinical workflow

After completing the course, healthcare professionals should be able to:

  1. Explain the health risks involved when hypertension is uncontrolled,
  2. Describe the importance of accurate blood pressure measurement as it pertains to the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, and
  3. Identify best practice methods to improve blood pressure measurement at the point of care.

Midmark partners with Pfiedler Education to provide the continuing education course, which is governed by principles of adult learning. Attendees of the digital course either set up a free profile on the Pfiedler web page or sign into their existing profile.

Midmark reps are trained and receive certification to implement and facilitate the training for our customers. The rep administers the video presentation that goes through the CEU training module. Attendees are given a supportive study guide with content and references, have an active role in the discussion and are given opportunities to ask questions and share experiences.

Again, this is just one example of how we have designed our award-winning clinical education program to ensure non-acute care teams have sustainable and scalable education options that are specialized to meet the needs of the everchanging clinical environment.

To discuss the best education option for your team, contact your Midmark representative or email: